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Historic Demens-Tolstoy Estate

After Vera died, Andrey Tolstoy lived in the house until his death. At which time his son, Peter, inherited the property.This magnificent 7,500 square foot house has many unique features, and it possesses a character all of its own. The thick stone walls provide a clue to its strength, and the 12 foot ceilings contribute. to a feeling of space and freedom. An aristocratic aura seems to hang in the air, and visitors can almost sense the presence of the long departed nobility that once frequented its halls.

  English style coal-burning fireplaces spread warmth throughout the 27 rooms. Among this large number of rooms are six bedrooms, and it has been said that one celebrity friend of the family visited often enough to have a room named after him. This room was often referred to as the Yul Brynner room.

 In the basement there still remains a storage site that was used for many years to store fuel for the pre-electricity lamps that provided light for the residents. Also in the basement is a room that was once the setting for town

meetings and social functions during the residency of Peter Demens.

The main floor is the location of a very unique door that "opens" by sliding down into the floor.

  It is a miracle that the proud old structure can still display its unique features, for the gasp of its death knell could almost be heard through the flames of a devastating fire in 1989, a near tragedy which came within a hot breath of destroying the historical landmark. However, owner Peter Tolstoy oversaw the restoration of the house, and being a perfectionist, he adamantly insisted on exact duplication of every piece of the house that was destroyed. After several years of painstaking effort, the house became itself again.

With the restoration completed, Tolstoy decided to sell the property so that it might be once again alive with people who could enjoy, maintain, and relate its rich history. The "changing of the Guard" was completed when the Demens-Tolstoy property was purchased by Dennis and Erica Parker. A new cycle of life for the Demens-Tolstoy Historical Landmark has now begun.








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Demens - Tolstoy Estate